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Eczema Diaries: Results and Realisation

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated the Eczema Diaries, I’ve been fairly busy with other things and have been using protopic for a few months now so a lot of the discomfort has subsided. (for now….)

In my last entry I explained how I had FINALLY seen a dermatologist who had officially diagnosed me with severe atopic eczema. He had also recommended me a three month course of Protopic (0.1%) of which I was to use it twice a day every day for month 1, cut it down to a few times a week in month 2, and finally in month 3 come off it altogether. I’m at the end of month two now and here’s how my skin is looking:


Fairly red, right? I last used Protopic two days ago. It’s not particularly itchy or irritating in any way but I can’t get used to that because I know as soon as stop completely it will get ugly.

On a more progressive note, I got the test results back from the blood test I had at the dermatologists and…. I’m allergic to dust and grass! ‘A significant allergy to dust mites, mould… and an allergy to grass.’ HURRAYYYYY!

… hurray.

I was fairly sure I had an allergy to dust mites, I’ve always had a reaction since I was a kid but I never considered mould. My last house was the first place I’ve lived in with mould and I scrubbed it off the walls a fair few times, definitely inhaling spores and accidentally touching my face whilst wearing the gloves. I’m wondering if this may have been the catalyst for the atopic eczema. I’ve moved now to a house that doesn’t have any carpets which is much, much better. We’ve bought wet dusters and floor cleaner things  to minimise the amount of particles in the air when cleaning. We can’t do anything about the cat, I’ve unfortunately had to shut her out of my room from now on which makes me sad because she’s so adorable and cuddly. (I am not allergic to cats, just the dust that they bring with them everywhere!)

The next stage is to have patch testing, I’m still waiting for my referral letter but hopefully it will come at a time when I’m not at a festival! This should help to eliminate some more issues. I’m definitely still having issues with sulphites and rhinitis. But I’m hoping that I can start making positive changes that will help clear my skin in the future. This is a long term issue so I have to be patient!

In the meantime, here’s a recipe for an eczema covered face that I’ve been using recently! Enjoy.

1 tbsp oats (not milled)

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

1/4 tsp turmeric 

Mix together in a small dish, leave to thicken for a few minutes. spread across the face, concentrating on the infected areas and leave until hard. Rinse with cold water. Moisturise. if you have extra, cover up, stick it in the fridge, add a bit of water to it and use it again the following day.


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