Better Watch Your Mouth, Buddy.

So, my book day is here! Today is the day that my first official collection of poems Better Watch Your Mouth is released unto the world! At Burning Eye, I’ve helped to put out a lot of books and most writers seem to play it cool when releasing a book, but NOT ME, OH NO, I’M MEGA FUCKING EXCITED!

Gina Davis levels of excitement

Better Watch Your Mouth is named in homage to my favourite film Thelma and Louise, just before Louise shoots the rapist she says ‘You watch your mouth, buddy!’. It is also a phrase that has followed me throughout my life in some context or another. I’ve had it a lot, especially from men, men at punk gigs who talk over me, stand in front of the stage and scream ‘sexist bitch’ at me, who spit at me, make rude gestures, try to take the microphone from me. To those people – do you have a book? No? Then:



Oh, Louise.

I will be launching the book tomorrow at Hydra Bookshop in Bristol, 7.30pm with support from my old pal Henry Raby and Lisa Harper the amazing artist who designed the cover will be selling some of her art as well as bundles of the book with badges and stickers. Event details here.

I am also off on tour next month with Efa Supertramp and Ren Aldridge (Petrol Girls)! We’re going to be promoting our arts, and zines, and books as well as playing a bit of music and generally having a good time. Come and see us in London, Brighton, Cardiff, Bristol or Bath! Tour details here.








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