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NaPoWriMo Day 6: Habits

This is a ridiculous poem about my obsession with clothes labels that I share with some of my favourite people. If you like clothes labels – join us!

I know at least a gang
of us like it.
It grows every so often
a new member
will speak up – bravely.
It is almost surprising
how many of us there really are
out there.

From the outside this
habit looks rude,
like we are constantly reaching
behind into our underwear,
but you can’t understand
the comfort beneath
our clothes, shifting between
our fingers as we talk
over a pint, in the street
in meetings, in bed.

Pants and pijamas have the best ones
or anything from H&M.
Too often we create holes
in our favourite clothes,
worn in by anxious thumbs
I’m doing it right now,
idly, hand up one side,
fiddling away.
On one of us keeps a spare in
her pocket at all times,
one pretends to hug his wife
all the while his fingers glide
to the seam of her shirt,
tug and smooth,
tug and smooth

We are children of silk and nylon.


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