CRAPBOOK 23/03/17


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a show that I have become recently VERY addicted to. It might be the parodic musical numbers or the normalisation of women’s bodies, abortion and sex, it could be that it constantly acknowledges it’s own limits and heavily picks apart the issues with white feminism whilst at the same time honouring a diverse cast reflective of modern America or it could be because it’s a sitcom and it’s just really easy to watch when you’re high. I must note that this show is not perfect, but it’s progress. Watch it on Netflix.

RABBITS is an amazing podcast produced by Public Radio Alliance (The Black Tapes, TANIS) and is very brand new, there are only two episodes out at the moment. It follows Carly Parker as she tries to find her missing friend Yumiko who has been caught up in a mysterious and ancient game.

Radical Softness by Soofiya is a beautiful and moving book of poems about survival, identity and strength. I really, really recommend this to all of you. The book is self-produced and is made up of three sections of poems, most are very short, it reminds me of the instapoet Rupi Kaur’s book Milk and Honey.  Support your local DIY radical poets!

Sunshine is already my favourite book of poems of the year. I picked Melissa Lee Houghton’s second Penned in the Margins book from Verve Poetry Festival in Birmingham and it completely tore me down to the bone. This woman is incredibly brave, autobiographical and startling. If you are interested in mental health, exploring it’s ugliest and most vulnerable sides, I will shove this book in your face.

The Bright Sessions is another podcast I am avidly listening to right now. If you like super powers, government cover ups and strong women. This podcast is for you. The story unfolds in counselling sessions with patients with extraordinary gifts. It’s great when you’re sewing!

Black Sails, I know I’m far behind with this one and it’s finished now but I’m only on season 2 and here are my thoughts so far – everyone is fit, Billy Bones has absolutely massive arms, escapism is great. ANN BONNEY IS IN IT. ❤


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