Happy #IWD to all the self identifying women in my life, to all those who face discrimination because of their gender, race, sexual preferences, class and abilities. To all women who suffer from bad mental health and invisible illnesses that make it hard to fight for what they want and need. To all the single mothers, to all the hard working, compassionate mothers, to the mothers that are still gathering their strength and the all the women who are just biding their time. To all the women ridiculed for their own choices, for deciding what to do with their own bodies. To all the girls around the world who are oppressed by their country, patriarchy, religion, fathers and families, who are married off, made to make babies, made to sell themselves. To all the women who were born into the wrong body, who are told they are wrong. To those fleeing war, sleeping rough and escaping abuse. To the women who are constantly undervalued and told their strengths are weaknesses. For all the women and girls everywhere who struggle or fight or both. I am thinking about you today, I hope equality comes to you.

And Stace, I miss you more everyday, you were an amazing woman.


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