Skin Health

Eczema Diaries #17

It has a been a rough couple of months. I was hoping after I received the letter for my dermatologist appointment that I could keep good track of my skin and diet by keeping a more detailed food diary but I haven’t kept a record of anything unfortunately.

In my last Eczema Diaries entry I wrote about being prescribed Protopic 0.01% and Diprobase. I have since read a lot of horror stories from other sufferers about Protopic so have been hesitant to use it very much. After the first two weeks intensive use I have only used it a few times, mixing a crumb size amount in with Aveeno to apply to my face before I go to bed for only two days. It does not clear up entirely but it does reduce enough the spots on my fingers and wrists reduce as well. This usually lasts for a week before it starts to get worse again.

At the moment it’s been over two weeks since I last used Protopic and my skin is flakey and sore. Crying the amount I have been, the stress and emotional adjustments have taken it’s toll and now I am using a mix of Diprobase and Aveeno applying up to five times a day. My skin is sucking up the creams so fast but it is flake-free most of the time.

My dermatology appointment is on Friday so I wanted to get in a post before that. The weather has been awful – solidarity with my itchy friends!



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