Crapbook 28/01/17

First Crapbook of the year. Usually these are new things that I’ve discovered but this Crapbook entry is dedicated to the things that have kept me going.

  1. Mortal Engines – my partner gave me the audiobook a few years ago and I really enjoyed the first book. I gave them to Stace just before Christmas for her to listen to but I don’t think she did so I’m going to finish them.
  2. Van Helsing – I want to write an article about this but I don’t have the dedication right now but THIS SHOW IS AWESOOOOOME. It’s on Netflix, watch it.
  3. I bought Stace this nail polish for her birthday and I took it home with me too, it’s right next to that Kylo Ren bobble head she gave me for Christmas.
  4. Because who’s heart isn’t warmed by the majestic Mabel Pines?

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