2016: Films and TV

Well. What a year for sitting around, smoking weed and watching TV! I’d like to thank Netflix and Cruncyroll for their help is aiding another year of keen productivity. I would not like to thank cinemas for being truly ridiculously priced, uncomfortable and having a poor variety of diary-free snacks/decent coffee. I rarely go to the cinema, I actually now only really go to see things like Star Wars because it’s made for the big screen, not my 15″ laptop screen. I went into January with three trips to the cinema to see The Force Awakens because what an EXCELLENT film that was (don’t fight me on this). It had it’s flaws, like whilst Rey was generally celebrated as a strong female lead much needed in the Star Wars movie franchise, there was also some good discussion about why women are never allowed to be successful villains. I also read an article the other day that was boasting ‘the ultimate female characters from Star Wars’ and basically included ALL the female characters because there are actually very few throughout the films. I’m actually going to the midnight viewing of Rogue One tonight which I’m pretty excited about.

The film that royally disappointed me this year was Independence Day: Resurgence. I mean, I knew it was going to be a hollywood standard but actually it was worse than I thought and yet again, women get snuffed out of any good roles in sci-fi. I did a whole scathing review on this one if you’ve got the time and interest. X-Men: Apolocypse was equally as disappointing and I think Nerds of Color sum it up pretty well.  I was also let down by season 6 of American Horror Story. I think it can only go in so many directions and this season seemed lost and incoherent. (Sarah Paulson though. <3)

But on to the positives and my favourite films and TV of the year:

Star Trek: Beyond


Didn’t realise until the end that this was written by Simon Pegg but I REALLY enjoyed this film from start to finish. The style and the script and everything married both old and new generations of trekkies. There was definitely care and attention to detail in the making of this film as the little things made it so wonderful –  the nods to former cast members (Sulu reuniting with his husband and daughter), Spock’s death brought a tear to my eye and was so well placed within the context of the film. The fact that Uhura had a much bigger role and even got to say the last part of it’s famous statement ‘where no PERSON has gone before’ <33333 – Oh, tears! And not to forget Anton Yelchin’s last bittersweet performance as Chekov. Overall this film just made me cry a lot and I really loved it.

Pride, Prejudice and Zombies


As you may know, I love Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite books and I also really love self-sufficient women that kick ass. Pride, Prejudice and Zombies offers all of those things plus some great wardrobe, comedy and gore. I wrote a review on it here. Definitely recommend to watch with a group of friends, it has something for everyone.

Jessica Jones


OMG JESSICA FUCKING JONES. Way to go Marvel, what a nice save. I watched this with Ivo and we both loved it. Slightly disconcerted by David Tenant’s well-played villain Kilgrave but completely moved by the storylines – the complexity of Jessica’s character, her relationship with sex and her friendship with Trish was entirely refreshing. Actually I really enjoyed the whole Defenders set up (Daredevil, Luke Cage and the upcoming Iron Fist) focus on real people and the reality of their individual struggles, as a person with disabilities, a woman, a black man – the fact that they have superpowers is not really the focus of their stories. I find this more appealing that Marvel Avengers who are grown, rich white men complaining that they can’t have it all. Sorry, Thor, I love you really. I love that Rosaria Dawson is a character link between all of the series’ and I’m very excited for the upcoming Defenders movie with the queen that is Sigourney Weaver.



This is a Netlix original anime. it’s only available in Japanese with subs (just the way I like it) and I think it’s amazing. I could give or take a lot of anime, it’s a bit gimicky and often so sexist I have to turn it off. Kuromukuro is definitely not without some problematic moments, but unlike a lot of anime there seems to be as much male nudity as there is female. It’s a solid storyline, a good variety of characters and the animation is excellent. It’s like a bizarre mix of government, mecha and high school anime but I found it quite binge-worthy and was actually a bit devastated when I finished it. Talks of a new series for 2017 though sound promising.

Stranger Things


I think this might be on the list of most people I know. Surprisingly this scared the shit out of me and also made me want to binge watch it again and again. The second time round I found it a lot funnier (Steve, mostly, what a fool). I love Winona Ryder in basically everything so that was a plus and I really really enjoyed what a homage to Goonies it played. I don’t know much about 80’s (or any) horror but I know that I can’t wait for season two.

SCREAM: Season 2


My BBF lives on the other side of the country and suffers with Cystic Fibrosis and it’s very difficult to see each other ever, so we’ve taken to watching TV shows together over the internet. We decided to give Scream ago last year and I actually really enjoyed it! Season two released earlier this year and was followed by a Halloween special. Like the movie franchise, it’s nothing serious. Just a good old slasher flick surrounding some impossibly attractive teens who are all actually in their 20’s. It’s exciting and sexy and has an impressive show of gore which I appreciate. Read my review of season one here.



I sense a pattern emerging – fluffy horror anyone? iZombie is another Netflix original and is really, really cool. Like Warm Bodies, but better. It’s super funny, gory and an original take on the zombie genre that doesn’t involve absolute carnage or white male saviors. I reviewed it here.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


Of course this was going to make my list. I have been waiting patiently for the return of Gilmore Girls, to answers those hanging questions – will Luke and Lorelei finally sort their shit out? Does Rory become a world famous journalist? WHO WILL SHE PICK? DOPEY DEAN? ANGSTY JESS? SMARMY LOGAN? Or even any of them really? I mean, who wouldn’t have moved on by now? I really wanted to do a proper review of GG but I haven’t been able to find the time to watch it over to make notes. Basically though, I thought it was wonderful. Winter was perhaps one of the most emotional TV moments of all time. Richard Gilmore’s death hit me harder than Mufasa.

(Other notes on GG: All Hail Paris Geller. Anyone else notice that Gypsie is also Emily’s maid? Stop fat shaming please. Monogamy is not the only way! )

To-Watch List 2016: Westworld/ Scream Queens Season 2/ OITNB Season 4/ Veep/ The Get Down/ Atlanta/ The Exorcist/ Crazy Ex Girlfriend









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