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Eczema Diaries #16: SUCCESS!

Last night I was live tweeting from my doctors waiting room, where two children were running around screaming and I was on the edge of an anxiety attack. I was absolutely terrified about meeting my new doctor for the first time. I was worried about I would leave as I have done so many times before – unhappy and with yet another prescription for tropical steroid creams that I would never use.

I had a forty minute wait (standard) and eventually the screaming children left with their grandmother and then I was just alone with my thoughts and my failing phone battery. Eventually I got called in and this incredibly radiant woman greeted me with a smile in her office, sat me down and asked me how I was and where I had moved from. (I told her Kingswood, she seemed to think Brislington was nicer but I reminded her that Kingswood has a fruit and veg shop and Brislington is inundated with news agents that mostly sell palm oil in it’s various junk food forms.) I began to shed my many layers from the cold and explained that I had been suffering for a few years now and had tried so many things, diets, creams, no creams, no diet, teas, salts, apple cider vinegar, no alcohol, no sulphites, etc. She was really sympathetic and inspected the areas around my arms and neck where it seems to be worse at the moment.

I’ve been prescribed Protopic for my face and neck – I’ve never had it before and I know it’s pretty standard for most people who suffer with eczema. I used it last night and was up half the night with itching and burning so I’m a little concerned, but this morning I mixed it with my usual moisturiser (Aveeno). i have Fucibet for the infection on my left inner elbow, that seems to be helping already, though I still need to cover it constantly so that i don’t start scratching it (which I need  A LOT last night until I scratched it a bit too hard and it REALLY hurt. I cut and filed my nails shortly afterwards). My doctor also prescribed me good ol’ Diprobase! i’ve been using Ivo’s for few weeks on my infection but it’s super old and out of date. Unfortunately all of this cost £25!

On the absolutely fucking-PLUS! She really listened to me and agreed that I need to see a dermatologist! WHICH IS SO GREAT! FINALLY! I had a little cry when I left her office! She warned me that it would be about a six month wait but that’s what I expected, I’m just SO THRILLED to have been taken seriously. She joked with me about how data entry was ruining her life when she had to click a million ‘OK’ boxes just to get my prescriptions right. I sympathised but was just over the moon that this wonderful Doctor was taking her time to see and talk to me, to discuss with me what my options where and exactly how these creams worked/didn’t work. It was really comforting and easy and I cried with relief afterwards. It really makes such a difference to have a good doctor. A big shout out to all of my friends who have been through some horrible times at their GPs, it’s so frustrating not being listened to. I feel really lucky, but I shouldn’t. Practical, helpful and supportive GPs are supposed to be standard.

Despite the fact that these creams won’t make my eczema go away in the long run, I am feeling really positive and even planning to go OUTSIDE this evening for a poetry night. Yeah, you heard. (I hope I don’t have to sit through another white male saviour poem though.)






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