Skin Health

Eczema Diaries #15: Sulphites 1.1

So, I definitely need to go to the Doctors. This is the worst my skin has ever been and I’m fairly sure it’s sulphites. (Excuse the incredibly gross picture of my weepy inner left elbow, it’s so sore and gross is just getting worse because I’m a scratcher.)

I have been really inconsistent with cutting out sulphites, better at avoiding some, like tomatos, strawberries, baked beans, etc. Less good at avoiding others like bread, soya, vego bar… I’ve been okay with alcohol but last night I had a few pints and within minutes my face flared up. It wasn’t itchy or uncomfortable, just very noticeably red! I have expressed my concern at this to others but sometimes their responses are unhelpful, especially when people say ‘you really can’t notice it’, ‘it’s only in bright natural unforgiving light that you’re noticing it!’ – dear everyone, I am not looking out for my vanity, I’m worried about how far this horrible skin condition has spread from just around my eyes to all the way down my neck and chest and why.

Back to cutting out sulphites, SUPER SUPER HARD WHEN YOU’RE VEGAN. So, I’m not vegan for the time being and have started eating fish and eggs again, which I’m not happy about but sulphites are in basically all vegan food apart from fresh produce so that’s fun. I’ve been terrible at keeping my food diary up and together, I’m going to have to start again with more thorough notes about my skin’s condition everyday. A friend of mine recently got some success in being referred to a Dermatologist so I’m hoping if i maybe tear up or something at the GP, they’ll let me see a specialist (note: it’s totally fucked up and you have to do things like cry in front of your GP for them to help you).

I really should make a good effort to change my diet and cut out the things that are making the eczema worse, I think by having such an erratic diet it’s making the flare ups much worse. I wish i could figure out exactly what it is. I’m so tired of this.





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