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Harry Potter is Ruined

The Potter hype is as big as ever with the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the theatre show The Cursed Child, both providing yet more canon for the Potterverse but as I see this all unfolding, I feel less than enthusiastic.

Call me elitist, call me.. I don’t know, whatever you want. I’ve bought into the idea of Potter, I have first editions of the books (NO, I will not sell them), I’ve got special edition boxset of the eight films, I’ve been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios, I’ve cosplayed Potter characters and I am the proud owner of five wands but I’m really disinterested in the new generation of Potter-fix.


I mean, this is less about the play (which is extremely unaccessible and expensive, excluding a large percentage of Potter fans) and more about Fantastic Beasts, a completely unnecessary trilogy made from a book that wouldn’t even stop the wobble on my dining room table. It’s literally about this billion pound franchise that they just can’t stop milking until it’s as dried up as Cornelius Fudge’s political career. I’m sorry (not sorry) but I much prefer the bittersweet ending of Deathly Hallows (apart from that fucking epilogue), I remember reading it with my best friends and feeling sad and final about it all. Why do we live in a culture that just can’t say goodbye to things?


I mean, fine, if you have to make the film, at least make it with some integrity and cla–OH NO, JUST A WHOLE BUNCH OF WHITE PEOPLE. Good one, WB, you’ve done an excellent job of ensuring the wizarding world is inclusive, you might as well call yourselves Death Eaters you ridiculous fools. Not only this, but does the Potterverse really need another white male protagonist? If, as JK tweeted, ethnicity and skin colour are open to interpretation, why are we stuck with another dull cast? Newt could’ve been a black woman, why not? It’s not like the book offers great insight into his personality or gives any character development. It was completely open, and yet here we are with Eddie fucking Redmayne’s pointy face staring at me from buses. Super. WB have failed to represent an inclusive cast, you have failed your diverse fanbase, one that stretches across sixty nine different languages, over 40 countries.

Edit: I’ve been informed (and looked into) that much of this film is set in Harlem where, apparently, THERE ARE NO POC?? For fucks sake, JK. I’m beyond disappointed, I’m just so angry that you could be so fucking clueless. Let me spell it out for you: WHITE IS NOT THE NORM. ITS RACIALLY BIAS AND YOUR FANS DESERVE MORE.

WB have also cast Johnny Depp, who recently admitted to abusing his now ex wife Amber Heard. Slow clap. As if men like this really need to be given a bigger platform. They are perpetuating and excusing violence towards women and I cannot ignore this. It’s tainted Harry Potter. My first love. You bastards.

So yes, call me elitist but I prefer the rich online community of roleplayers and fan fiction writers who have free reign to make the past and future of Harry Potter characters, who could probably come up with a more tangible story (try the Shoebox Project for starters). Potter is ruined now, I hope you’re happy.



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