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Eczema Diaries #13: New Home, New Bath! New Skin?

So hello! I’m back with another Eczema Diaries skin update.

I’ve been living in the new house now for just over a week. The hope was that the SD would start clearing up in a new environment with no carpets and a much less amount of dust and clutter. The water here seems much nicer. At the TFM  washing my face just with water would make it burn and itch horribly but the water here doesn’t have the same effect. I’ve put it down to the pipes and the fact that TFM is older and generally more cruddy. My skin still seems to be quite erratic. The first picture was taken on Tuesday and the second was taken today. I have run out of apple cider vinegar and have just been using water to wash my face in the mornings, using Aveeno in the mornings and at bedtime. I’m not hopeful that it will clear up completely but this is a massive improvement and the clearest my skin has been in months.

I had my first bath in the new house on Tuesday (those of you that know me know that baths are VERY important part of my week!) and I treated myself to some Avo-Bath hair mask from LUSH. It smells AMAZING but I found it really hard to use, the directions of use weren’t very helpful, I don’t know, it said to take a chunk off and smoosh it into a paste in your fingers before putting it on your hair, but unfortunately it didn’t paste up very easily and was very lumpy. I had knots in my hair afterwards. =[ The search continues for a hair product!


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