I’ve moved!

I’ve spent the last two weeks moving house! It sucked. (See last Eczema Diaries post) Aside from emotional and physical exhaustion I’m really pleased to be in my new house! It’s a novelty to sit on the sofa and watch TV rather than being cooped up in my bedroom.

We’re obviously still in the process of settling in so pics to follow but Bueller seems to be enjoying the new place. He’s very excitable and has spent ages running around the garden. Next door have a dog called Charlie who is super adorable and fat, haha. Unfortunately at the moment he seems VERY interested in Bueller and is trying anything to get over the garden wall. He’s a Beagle so we’re pretty sure he’d outright injure or try to kill our Bueller. =[


It was super sad to leave the TFM yesterday. I’m pretty sentimental and I’m pretty sure that it’ll sink in soon and I’ll be REALLY sad. Even sitting down to dinner yesterday with Rah and Ivo at a table that is a quarter the size of our old one was something we had to adjust to. Living in a big house can be really taxing but a certain type of dependency can form, one that when it’s over, it feels like moving on is only temporary and the feeling of detachment is delayed and only happens, at least for me, when triggered by the little things. (I miss you Fishlock and Zoe!)  Also we all had to say goodbye to Jo who’s off travelling across the Atlantic for a long time so that was sad and good. The last thing I ever said was ‘TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF’ repeatedly and Jo, if you read this, seriously, look after yourself.

Also, Autumn is definitely here and accidentally washed my favourite long cardigan on a high temp wash and ruined it. But still it’s boot season and I wore my favourite coat for the first time yesterday! It’s so sunny and crisp at the moment, I’m loving the weather and now that I’ve moved I’m looking forward to some lovely walks in the local parks here. ❤



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