Eczema Diaries #13: Dust

I’m moving house! It’s so exciting but also so irritating on my skin. I have a dust allergy that has mostly just affected my sinuses but since developing this horrible dermatitis, my skin has been suffering A LOT.

A few weeks ago my skin was so bad I had a break down about it – having an itch can always be annoying but when it’s constant and sore and angry, it’s just exhausting and distracting.  This picture here was taken a few weeks ago (you can tell because my hair is green now) at the time my skin was so flakey and raw my eyes were sticking together when I woke up. It was extremely unpleasant. These pictures below of my eyes and elbows were taken some time afterwards. I was still using sea salt at this point and was starting to get really frustrated with how irritated my skin was getting after only just washing it.


I went back to the internet for some help and decided to give Apple Cider Vinegar a try. I read an account from someone with SD who was swearing by ACV. She recommended soaking the skin three times a day, twice diluted in water and once straight on the skin. And ow. OW. OW.

It unsurprisingly hasn’t cured my skin but it has helped with the flakiness. The practicality of washing three times a day isn’t always manageable and I have used LUSH’s Oatifix samples a few times when in the bath which has helped too. I’ve had some open wounds on my inner and outer elbows which has been really uncomfortable, but I’m eager to move. I think my current house and living conditions are factors in the spread of the SD. Dust, old pipes and my very old mattress and pillows. I’ve bought an entirely new bed, sheets, pillows and linens for the new house to see if this improves anything. But unfortunately because we’re only halfway done with moving, the dermatitis has spread to the small creases in my eyes and I’m starting to notice patches on my chin and the spread of the patch on my neck. I’m also going to register with a new doctor and make an appointment to see if I have more luck being referred to a dermatologist than my current doctors, who’s solution is steroids. I absolutely refuse to use steroids on my face.

The struggle continues. I won’t pin all my hopes on being in a new house, but I really hope that I start to see some improvements.




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