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Eczema Diaries #12: Summer!

I’m BACK from a little summer break! I’ve had the very best times the last few weeks with lots of people that I love, doing some very excellent things. This has been my most sober year at festivals. I abstained from alcohol at Green Gathering and it was actually really nice. It’s such a lovely, peaceful festival that you can enjoy every aspect of it without a drink. If you get the opportunity to go, you definitely should. I did a poetry set, my first in awhile, and it went really well. I read For Grace, After A Party by Frank O’Hara, which I dedicated to Ivo because we’ve been together for five years now (half a decade sounds a bit too serious). Salena Godden performed after me, she was absolutely brilliant. She read sections from her essay Shade and introduced it with ‘I’m reading this essay about race to a room full of white people’ and it was funny, and eye-opening and chilling. She also performed My Tits are More Feminist than Your Tits which is one of my favourites!

After Green Gathering I took some time off work and spent the week drinking coffee, tattooing myself and watching Stranger Things (again). I went to see Million Dead Cops with Perkie and Ren and then ended up having an impromptu stick’n poke party the next day. Perks did this to my shins:


‘Some Thing’ is the title of the latest Petrol Girls EP and a line in the song Protagonist. I read it as a reference to the treatment of women, and the oppressed and how isolating our society can be sometimes. I also poked a love heart and a coffee mug on my thumbs to show my deep devotion to coffee. Mm coffee.

So, BOOMTOWN WAS AMAZING RIGHT? There’s a lot of things I want to talk about regarding Boomtown but I want to save that for another time. But come the Monday, I was feeling absolutely normal. Usually I’m quivering in the car trying to keep my brain from slipping out my eyes but not this year! No, I was in bed early most nights with a cup of tea and BBC Radio 4. Hardcore. Saw some excellent bands, danced a lot, walked A LOT, laughed, cried, coughed up a load of dirt every day and had THE WORST SKIN ever. I mean fucking ow. It was so hot all weekend, just relentless sun! The site which Boomtown resides has a lot of clay in the ground so it was really dusty, combine that with the heat and the sweat = the worst skin ever.


I couldn’t WAIT to get home and have a bath and get clean! But then I had a really heavy period and decided to wait.

SO, the other day I had a super lovely bath thanks to LUSH. I’ve been using more and more products lately, it really IS an addicting place. I feel a bit like I’ve fallen down a beautifully smelling rabbit hole…


I bought The Olive Branch shower gel the other day and it’s really soothing on my skin and hasn’t irritated my eczema. Had to get another Ceridwen’s Cauldron! It’s SO nice. Get one immediately. I also picked up a Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask which is made with blueberries. This starting burning after about a minute on my face. I washed it off but my skin has been fairly bad since then (granted the hot weather is still here). But LUSH are amazing, and gave given me a sample of Oatifix Fresh mask to see if that works better.

I’m really into LUSH right now. I might ask it out.

My mum came to visit at the weekend and reunite me with my lightsabres ♥. She also very kindly bought me a bottle of pure avocado oil from Neal’s Yard. Which, despite being oil, has actually done wonders over the last few days. I’m going to stick with it for a bit and see what happens.

I’ve also been VERY productive and have actually compiled all the poems for my pamphlet and I think I have enough material to work with, yay! Actually had some gems I’d forgotten about. Gotta’ love them gems. I don’t have a title yet though, I’ve got about four potential ones but I haven’t FELT them. I feel like I’ll know when the right title comes along. Or something like that. Viva Zapata! are getting ready to play our last shows and e’re moving house soon! Yes, The Trouser Flapping Manor will be no more :(. I’ve been having fun picking paint sample out for our new place though! Teal, it’s all about teal…

Anyway, here’s a picture of Bueller in a basket!








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