Skin Health

Eczema Diaries #11.5: Turmeric 

So after feeling doomy today and a few tearful episodes, my face was totally raw. I went out and bought a load of fruit and veg and I popped into Holland Barrett to pick up Dr Organic Manuka Honey cream:

It’s not vegan unfortunately but I’m at the end of my tether and Aveeno test on animals. 

I also found a couple of recipes for natural face masks with turmeric. Turmeric is brilliant for eczema, severe dry skin and acne. It helps with flare ups and you can also put it in all your food and drink (I thoroughly reccomend hot almond milk with black pepper and turmeric) to help keep it under control. Be warned, it might stain your skin! 

Since using a mask and applying the Manuka Honey cream after has relieved and soothed my skin. It’s still noticably red but at least it’s not unbearably itchy. 


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