Eczema Diaries #10!

No special title for today, but we are now at number 10 of the Eczema Diaries! Woo!

Well, not so much woo as you can see my skin is bad at the moment. If you’ve been reading my other blog entries you’ll know that I’ve been having a bit of a shit time recently. (Please see my last entry, no title, that just says ‘Everything is fucking bullshit.’) I’m also not sleeping well and have been a bit abusive of my body. I’ve been drinking and smoking a lot and haven’t been keeping up with the zinc supplements. My skin has been obviously been showing the symptoms too. It’s feeling a little bit better (this pic was taken a few days ago) but it’s peeling and rough and my skin is so incredibly dry. I’ve been washing my face with dead sea salt, but am only managing once a day at the moment and it stiiiiiiings so bad! =[

If you’re in the UK, maybe you can sympathise with the humid, close weather that’s been moist, sweaty and damp (yes, they all mean different things to people with eczema). Going outside and being active is a roulette and going to the pub is made somehow more hassle when your bag is stuffed with skin remedies.  Also wearing glasses is shit.


Bath with a bowl of dead sea salt


So I’m almost out of Aveeno cream, my mum bought me a big bottle with a pump lid months ago and it’s finally running out and I’m in the market for a new moisturiser. From experience, anything with oil in makes the dermatitis on my face enflamed so that rules out pretty much everything. Ive also made this harder for myself because I won’t buy products tested on animals. I was in Holland and Barrett recently and picked up this cream. Has anyone tried it? I posted about it on the Eczema Support Group on Facebook and got some mixed reviews. I’ve tried it about three times and each time it kind of burned and then itched for ages so I’m not keen. It also smells funky. The hunt continues!

Have you tried this?

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