Animal Therapy 

After my LLETZ procedure a few weeks ago I’ve been feeling really down. I put it down to down to hormones – the usual suspect. But as time goes on and I heal up I think it’s something more. I am increasingly numb and decided that if writing about my skin helped me gain some confidence again then maybe writing about my bout of depression will help too.

I’ve been home this weekend for my mums birthdays. Going home is always weird; it’s like walking through a memory maze. There are no dead ends, just uncomfortable reminders and a heightened sentimentality. My sense of identity has always been turblent and I often feel lost and lonely.

I came home today and sat with my housemate R for a while. We talked through some things and I felt a little more focused. She suggested spending time with my ferret. Bueller, so I got him out for a play and we rolled around in the lounge having a scuffle. I felt really uplifted after this. Animals are really comforting and Bueller especially, he’s so charismatic and is getting more and more playful again after getting his implant!

Bueller in a bucket

R and I also went to the Pound today to get more of a furry fix. We visited and met some beautiful Hobs and a Jill who was new and a little bitey but very sweet.

Anyway. I’m gushing. BASICALLY animals are amazing at boosting a mood and mental health. And I love Bueller, can’t wait to get another! 💕


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