Skin Health

Eczema Diaries #9: Home Healing & Zinc

So as you can see a lot of the redness and shadow from the left side of my face has cleared up a lot. This happens every time I come back to Southampton to visit my family. I have no idea why. I’ve tried so hard to pin down exactly what it is about Bristol and Southampton that causes such a change in my skin but aside from different pollutants, or perhaps even different water, I’ve no clue. Both cities have incredibly hard water and both contain flouride. This weekend I’ve been out in the sun celebrating my mum’s 50th. With the help of my family I threw her a mega surprise birthday BBQ at the beach and it turned into a beautiful day. Sun always helps my skin, but unfortunately I get very down in the summer and it often makes me not want to go outside.


My wonderful aunt gave me some Zinc tablets from Holland & Barrett. Zinc is really important for eczema sufferers – zinc deficiency is often linked to dermatitis and depressed immunity. Certain types of eczema have been directly linked with conditions of the gut and lack of zinc in ones system causes this part of the body to be infected which will show side affects on the skin. Unfortunately I’ve found that Zinc tablets are very expensive, like most beneficial vitamins, but here are some foods high in zinc to keep your levels up: Spinach, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cooked chickpeas, cashew nuts, mushrooms, lemongrass, wasabi root and green peas. Zinc unsurprisingly is also found in a lot of meat if you eat it.

I eat a lot of these foods anyway because they are also a great source of iron and protein but I’m going to take the tablets everyday and see if I notice any difference.





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