Skin Health

Eczema Diaries #6 – S is for Soaking Sundays


That awful patch of eczema on my neck is back! Fucker. 

Spent yesterday at East Bristol Punx Picnic with some lovely folks. We sat in the park all day, the sun came out in the afternoon for Gorem & Avona and it’s always nice to get a bunch of anarcho punks together for a nice time. I really meant it when I said I was going in the shop for juice.. And then I left with cans of Pimms!

Had an earlish night, already feeling the hangover, to make sure I was fresh for today’s drum workshops. But my skin was irritated and raw around the eyes. I think I’ve got slight hay fever, my eyes have been really itchy the last week or so and I’ve been rubbing so they’re really dry and stingy when I wash with salt water.

Time for a bath! I’ve got some achey muscles and dry flakes on my legs. Gunna do a mask and sink into some oat and salt water with a few drops of echinacea. Lovely!



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