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A New Discovery! Make Up For Glasses!

Excuse the title, I’ve been re-watching Bleach and All the Titles! Are Like This! Nevertheless I have recently made a new discovery – make up for people who wear glasses!

If you’re like me and have worn glasses your whole life, you’ll know that getting make up right (or just acceptable in my case) has its challenges. I have spent YEARS trying to use make up effectively while wearing specs. I’ve never been able to experiment properly with shadows and glitter, even liquid eyeliner because I am severely long sighted in my life eye. Unfortunately it’s necessary to take off your glasses when applying make up so when it comes to delicate liner lines, I’m in front of the mirror forever. My eyes are also different shapes, my left being round and my right oval (regular eye shape) so attempting identical looks on both eyes is actually impossible.

Sorry about the red eczema eyes.

I have recently discovered some good blogs and articles on effective make up for glasses wearers, about colours and styles according to the type of frame and shape. It never occurred to me before that actually there might be methods like these out there and it’s helped me a lot to pick shadows and eye liner that would suit me. Eczema around the my eyes is also a factor, so I have had to be selective.

As someone who won’t spend a lot on make up if I can help it, I tend to stick with high street cruelty free brands like Barry M and elf. Barry M do really good nail varnish and elf’s make up is available online and is really reasonably priced.

I like to have quite a natural look, so light eye shadows are really great at covering any dark circles or redness (which I have a lot). Note that eczema sufferers might not be able to use shadows at all, so a good tinted moisturiser can work too. (Try Liz Earle). Equally, elf do a High Definition Undereye Setting Powder which I use on my lids and it’s fine, just needs to be blended well.

I can’t use liquid eyeliner, AT ALL. I find it really hard to use with eczema on my eyelids and even harder to apply without glasses. I have previously used Barry M’s black liquid eyeliner which is the best, but after that ran out I tried elf’s Intense lnk Eyeliner which I don’t find easy to use, it reminds me of a overused felt tip. It’s not very ‘intense’ on my lids which makes it harder to gage if the line is straight and it does not wash off easily. It makes me sad that I can’t use liquid eyeliner, I really want to do the flicky thing y’know?

My solution is dark eyeshadow; use a brush to fan out the shadow from about two thirds of the way across the lid, blend a little with your finger/apply more at the lid edge if needed. Then use a black (or whatever colour you want!) eye liner pencil (I use Barry M) across the rim of the lid, from corner to corner. Then use mascara (I use elf Beautifully Bare Defining Mascara) It creates a nice heavy and defined eyelid that for help helps to balance the shape of my eyes and make them look wide, rather than magnified.

Eyebrows, I also recently discovered are actually pretty useful for glasses wearers. I never used to bother, and I have sort of light eyebrows which look a bit washed out behind frames. I have actually lost my eyebrow pencil, so I’ve just been using a dark brow shadow and blended it. I’ve gotten pretty good at my eyebrows, I think mostly because I can spruce them up with my glasses on!

Also, lipstick. Lipstick, if you’re going out out, or if you just wanna’ damn well wear some lipstick, is really good at balancing out the face if you wear glasses. Depends on your skin tone and hair colour sometimes, but go for it!


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