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Eczema Diaries #5: Sun, Sweat and Sangria

It’s been reaaaaally hot and sunny this week and I’ve been out a lot! I spent Sunday drinking Buckfast sangria in the sun at Balter Festival where despite waking up with incredibly itchy skin (a horrid side affect of hangovers) the redness around my eyes and on the left side of my face cleared up noticeably! When I applied the Liz Earle tinted cream, it almost entirely took away any redness! It’s also SF15 and I highly recommend getting this kind of cover in the summer; it’s light and provides protection that doesn’t irritate my skin like sun cream does.

You can see though, as the week has gone on the redness had returned, as have the super dry patches around my eyes. I’ve run out of sea salt and keep forgetting to buy more. Even after a day the itchiness is creeping back, moisturising on its own is not enough and sea salt soaks are the only thing that keeps my skin under control on a daily basis. Sea salt is great because you can get tube of it in the super market for like a £1. If you suffer with seborrhoeic dermatitis like me I definitely recommend trying sea salt soaks twice a day with a muslin cloth, it has really really helped my skin.

I’ve got a sore on my wrist which was originally a small patch of eczema that almost healed and then I irritated it with festival and gig wrist bands and sweat. I keep picking at the scab (serial scab picker) and making it worse. The same with my elbow, except that bleeds a lot so it’s embarrassing when I’m out in public and I don’t notice that I’m doing it. Even worse when someone points it out loudly with a disgusted look on their face. Thanks for that!

Anyway, here’s something I found on the Eczema Support Group on Facebook that made me chuckle:

17 Things People with Eczema are Tired of Hearing

Hope everyone is doing okay in the heat!


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