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Ezcema Diaries #5: Festival Skin!

I came back from Bearded Theory on Monday and aside from being totally shattered and having sunburnt knees, I had a great time!

Most of the redness is where I caught the sun. It was super hot and sunny most of the weekend so my skin did a lot of drying out! I did roll around on Sunday without applying any lotion so it’s my own fault that I’m a bit red on the nose (and the knees!). It’s been two days since I came back and my skin has been really itchy the last few days which hasn’t been fun. =[

I really don’t see a point in showering at festivals and washing with just water has always given me irritated skin after so face wipes are really the only answer at keeping my skin remotely clean. Wipes are problematic because they are awful for the environment and most brands test on animals. A bit above a price of Superdrug own brand is Botanics ALL BRIGHT Cleansing Wipes. Botanics are available in Boots and are cruelty free. The wipes are also biodegradable and gentle on the skin. I used a lot of the Breath of Fresh Air spray from LUSH across the weekend as well. It worked wonders for a little pick me up and also good to use before using face wipes.


I like wearing make up at festivals, especially if I’m hungover haha! For the face, I use Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint with SPF15. It protects against the sun and is really gentle on skin. It balances skin tone and if you can use powder, is a great base. It’s about £20, but it spreads well so you don’t need to use much of it at a time. I always use the concealer stick from Liz Earle around the nostrils and under eyes.


Taking a cuticle tip with me was a brilliant idea and one that I’ve regretted not doing before. SO much dirt gets under the fingernails on normal days let alone rolling around outside in the grass and sun. Clean fingernails can really help with itchy, as the dirt from your fingernails can get into open wounds and cause infection. It can also contribute to oily skin which you don’t really want if you have seborrheic dermatitis!

Bearded Theory was SUPER great though, really recommend it for families as well as people up for a party. A good line up, with a nice balance of hectic and chilled. It was also really nice that there was no security policing the fun. Everyone was respectful and lovely and although we went tatting on the Monday as everyone was leaving, it really clean and tidy which was so nice!

Had loads of fun performing with And The Wasters on the main stage and Something Else’s Tea Tent, especially raiding all the dressing rooms for free sandwiches and beer! As everyone with skin issues knows, face paint is THE WORST, and so whilst everyone had their face done, I asked our friend to paint something great on my leg instead:





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