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Eczema Diaries #4


So today I’m super hungover which has caused this flare up. I think it was probably the wine,  but also could’ve been the gin or the tequila… (haaa!) BUT National Wine Day so what’re you gunna’ do?

I’m going to do a face mask to see if I can sooth the skin today and I’ve been sent some Marula oil from a friend which I’m going to try. Marian makes really awesome natural body care products, so along with the oil she sent a little note about Marula oil, it’s properties and and where it comes from:

Marula oil comes from the nut inside the fruit of the Marula tree indigenous to Swaziland which is harvested each February. Rural women earn a fair trade price for cracking the nuts to obtain the kernels which are then are cold pressed, by hand to produce Marula oil.

Like coconut oil it’s a great make up remover. (If you haven’t tried this, do! It’s amazing!) and so I’m going to do a trial with it as a nighttime moisturiser. I’ll let you know how I get on!



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