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The Eczema Diaries #1

I’ve always had bad luck with my skin, my shins are covered in scars and scabs from dry skin (I am a serial picker) and when I was a teenager I used to get chronic Rosacea all over my body when I was stressed. My skin conditions have always been an insight into my emotional well-being. Which in some ways is useful.

I’ve suffered with what my Doctor diagnosed as Sebborheric Dermatitis for the past year. It started around my left eyelid and spread down my nose and across my cheek. It was only on one side for a long time until I used prescribed steroid cream and it spread to the other side of my face. My Doctor doesn’t seem to think seeing a dermatologist will help in anyway and continues to send me away with prescriptions for creams that will thin my skin and cause a dependency.

The first thing I did was take to facebook to ask anyone for advice on face eczema and was overwhelmed with responses from people who had also or who are suffering from the same or similar skin problems. Lots of people recommended coconut oil, or rosehip, or aloe vera gel. None of these worked, the oils actually made it worse and I started to become unhappy with my appearance and avoiding going outside when it was really bad. The sensation for me is like having stray hairs falling on your face constantly – I scratch before I even release what I’m doing!


One day a friend recommended dead sea salt. She said that she had had a friend who suffered with eczema all over his body and had gone swimming in the dead sea. She said that it had really helped his skin and so I started researching. I came across this article on sea salt soaks for the skin from a long-time sufferer of SD and decided to give it a go.

It’s not a cure, as the article title suggests, but has massively reduced the itchy, flaky symptoms, the affected skin is less tight and dry! This is the only thing that I have come across that has had a positive effect on my skin, it has not made it go away, my cheeks are bumpy, sore and blotchy and the patch on my neck is getting worse. As someone who tries to maintain a natural diet and skin care regime (I use vegan products, nothing to do with animal testing or products), I would really love some help/suggestions with further treatment. I don’t want to go back to the Doctor, there’s no real empathy there, apart from her realisation that ‘oh no! You can’t wear make up any more!’ (Yeah, that’s my big problem with eczema, make up.) I’m more used to it now, and can just get on with my life but sometimes, when I’m off on a night out or feeling a bit low or stressed, I get really upset. I was bullied until adulthood about my appearance and was finally starting to like the way I looked (I think the skin deities are angry with me).

I eat well and exercise (sometimes, carrying amps and pulling pints totally counts) and am always on the eczema support group fishing for new techniques and treatments. I’m going to do a post a month about my skin, as I know that there are so many people that suffer with the same problems and there is no set cure. If you suffer too get in touch! Let’s help each other out.



3 thoughts on “The Eczema Diaries #1

  1. My friends and now customers have been happy with a natural (although non-vegan) cream. Lots of healing oils, but berberine extract seems to be key.

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