I have infinitely more to say than the last two years have been the most inspirational of my little life so far. It has given me direction, a sense of self worth beyond the daily grind and a lot, a lot of love and support – like family.

Summer’s here and Spoken Word’s sizzling in the South. We’re midway though Archimedes Screw Phase 2, and to date have seen David Allen, Angela Chicken, and Azra Tabassum voted as Archimedes Screw champions by our audience in Southampton. These poets have taken their individual blend of wordsmithery to partner events, ‘451’, and Verbal Remedies Bournemouth, spreading a love for language like butter over toast.

There have been festivals, including a debut for Spoken Word at Pulse on Sunnyfields Farm, when Joe Selby, Rob Casey, Dave Allen, Stewart Taylor, Antosh Wojcek, and Jenn Hart attracted a fine audience and where poetry’s first mosh pit was instigated at Mr Casey’s command.

More recently, the RejectorSlip Festival was revived after EjectorSeat fell by the wayside, and featured a showcase of former champs, including Kayleigh O’Reilly and SO:Fest slam winner Ben Lawrence, Ricky Tart, The Biscuit Poets, storyteller,

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