Do you want the world to melt?

I’m not very good at expressing my feelings through coherent sentences as my mind is a series of webbing; dashed through by a thoughtless child with a stick so it’s like rebuilding a home in my head. Messy – you’ll need a hard-hat.

Anyway, here is something that I feel quite strongly about, something that more people should at least feel about, lest we shall all drown in oceans of black blood whilst anyone who is a successful CEO of something economic is chortling atop of the body count.



I’m sure most of you have seen David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet and gushed over the spectacular scenery, the domestic spin on animals and their offspring, (the bit with the polar bear cubs am I right?) and the wonders of the Earth’s natural cycle through the annum. Well, in order for you to continue driving your car, that will all disappear – animals will starve to death, unable to cope with the rapid heat and change to their hunting and mating grounds, their young will die before summer can even kiss their darling noses. Indigenous peoples that have lived, loved, farmed, cared and nurtured the land peacefully will be forced out, their land sold for parts like square-metered slaves.

All so that our motorways can remain in use.

There are other ways to get from A to B. It’s called sustainable energy. We have the resources to provide this but oil companies such as Shell will continue to devalue it in favour of bleeding our planet dry for their own gain. For Money. For bits of paper. For figurative credit. To control the world. And you’re okay with that?

Don’t be. Save the Arctic.


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