One Way Ticket.. and beyond!

Yes, so! What a complete whirlwind. The last day and Showcase of the One Way Ticket Emerging Artists’ project has come and passed, leaving a deeper understanding and a new appreciation for poetic shows. I get quite sentimental about things (I can’t move house without sitting in my old empty room for awhile to mourn the memories) and Saturday was a bit like that for me! Although, promises of meeting up and catching up are high in the air which is promising. I’ve had such an unbelievable five days in which I can’t quite grasp the level of change in my approach to my own work. I’ve always been a bit flip-floppy when it comes to writing; no real organisation just a jumble of words, a bit of half-rhyme here and there, y’know. But working towards a deadline each week with a clear goal in mind has really challenged me to stretch beyond my flippant creativeness. I’m not afraid to edit anymore! yeaaaah! I mean meticulous editing, I’ve never had a great eye for detail, just for the general overview, so my critique skills have developed through the project which has in turn boosted my confidence in performing and writing longer more complex pieces.

If you ever get the chance to do a poetry project with others, do it. They are exhausting fun and without really realising it, you can learn a lot about yourself and where you want to go with your work. Rosie Harris has been an amazing mentor, extremely supportive, critical and  constructive. I really hope that I get a chance to work with her again in the future. 

The seven writers that developed along with me are the best bunch of people. Deborah, Lorianne, Katrina, Michaél, Sophie, Josh and Asfa have all worked immensely hard and developed beautiful work that I hope they take forward and continue working on. I’m going to miss seeing them all at weekends! But wow, it really was a big mix of creativity, all coming from different backgrounds, influences, styles and aims. The mash-up worked brilliantly – no competition, just writing and supporting one another which for me was the most inspiring part of it all. 

My eyes have really been opened to the kinds of way poetry can reach out to people, through theatre, shows, the stage, the page. It’s all a medium that requires hard work and dedication and a big shout out to everyone who has helped along the project. I really hope to go on and learn more and to develop all kinds of writing. The confidence and support that One Way Ticket has given me will now reflect in all future work and I’m really excited to get started. 


A very quick shout-out to everyone at Mark Grist on 7th March! What a great night! :] 



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