Hart to Hart

This year I will be the best

Like that cookie said.

I’m destined for great things

I will hush crowds, make them

Shriek my name.

I will have two books, the

First entitled ‘High and Dry’

The second won’t have a title

And everyone will think me



But really, who publishes

Without a title?

And ‘High and Dry’ is

Actually the name of my

Favourite Radiohead song.

No one but my god-kids

Think I’m profound.


Maybe at least I’ll be in a

Crowd whilst people are

Shrieking along to the

Hart to Hart theme song.

That’s probably

The closest I’ll get.


2 thoughts on “Hart to Hart

    1. aaahhh, I am the typo queen :]. But yes I did, haha.

      I’m getting there, slowly working through the chaos to a single focus. x

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