Turn of the Screw

Launching point-first into a new patch earth, Archimedes Screw plunges into 2013 with the Turn of the Screw.

I’m pleased, proud and priviledged to be part of the Archimedes Screw community. Since 2012 when I decided to shed corporate living for a life of skip-food and wimsy there has been a constant confidence of freedom and movement. I have not stopped, I have not given up and thrown it to one side like the angry child. I have only gone further. There are people that have pushed me, people that have inspired, awed, excited and scared me. All of these connections, paths brushed have contributed to something that is bigger than me. I have not seen the end, or really the beginning just a constant path that dips and winds. I’ve got my walking shoes on.

Here’s to that:

I am not a camel. I cannot pack

Or unpack a sentence I know nothing about. 

I have no idea how to articulate theory

Or what Freud, Foucault or Marx

Have to do with literature and fiction.

I want to write whatever I want about this

And not what is graded, expected of me

The way I portray, demonstrate and interpret

The motives of my favourite poets.

But I can peel back layers like a bleak raw onion.

Slice n’ dice through the hypocrisy of

Victorian social commentary.

Write and stand and read my own poetry.

I therefore own my own identity.


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