I remember

I remember preparing to fly to the top of Millbrook Towers to see the whole world from the edge.

I remember how Mum had to get me down from the wall because it was too high to jump.

I remember breaking my wrist during a puppet show.

I remember meeting you at school and spending every day after together.

I remember stalking our Head Teacher around Sainsbury’s. 

I remember learning to skate outside your house.

I remember Supernoodles.

I remember playing video games and wishing our lives were like MTV. 

I remember nicking half your lunch every day.

I remember staying up til’ five in the morning giggling. 

I remember Matt Jay the Sand Man. 

I remember when you liked boys with make up. 

I remember hating all of your boyfriends because I wanted you to myself. 

I remember wanting to be twenty-five and free. 


I remember when you moved away and we moved on.

I will always remember you. 




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