I never thought…

I never thought I’d each a point where I hated to be alone for more than a day. 


3 thoughts on “I never thought…

  1. Poor you! My experience of isolation is pretty extensive, and I’ve found that it is very painful but becomes bearable after a day or two, and even useful, especially to writers! We are somewhat smothered by social media these days, and that can be a mixed blessing! Still, we have to find a way to meet and mix with people, and this message is my latest attempt to do just that! Perhaps we can exchange a nod at moving voices this Friday? In any case, best wishes.

      1. Sorry, I didn’t make it in the end, as I had to attend a private function. Hope you all had a brilliant night, and that you succeed in reforming whichever classes you are referring to in your next post!

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