It occured to m…

It occured to me the other day that I’m really not writing enough at the moment. I find my job an excellent source of blame for this. Now that I’ve finished my first year at Southampton, I’ve taken up two extra days a week at work. Now you may be thinking ‘Oh, boohoo, four days a week’ but actually yes boohoo. I’ve been instructed to audit and account for every file for one department. This effectively means an extreme tidy of people’s desks. This, abet a bit demeaning, should be a straightforward job.Unfortunately, this is something which has required attention for a long time and Im now the poor idiot with the job. Oh well, it’s not all bad. I get three days off. 😀

My mum and her partner have gone off to Ireland for a few days for her birthday so the house is mine, hurrah! It seems a shame that I’m only going to be here for one day before life calls me back to the actual world. Still, living in domestic bliss for a day has been nice. As you can see by my last post, I had tea! In the conservatory, because I’m that classy, so classy that I felt an entourage should have been on hand for conversation and to fetch sugar lumps. Although, Ivo has now dragged himself from the bed to make some blueberry pancakes! (I am a shocking cook. I can make a mean scrambled egg, but that’s about it.)

Now that my contract with work is coming to an end on the 27th of this month; I’m on the look out for more creative outlets to occupy me. I have recently sent off my application for an event volunteer for Apples and Snakes – given to me by the lovely Miriam who I worked under at Shake the Dust a few weeks ago. That day was fantastic and I think really gave me a new direction after being so completely let down by someone else. I really enjoy poetry, but more than this I enjoy the event organisation side of things, the running around like a headless chicken, the interactions and conversations with new and diverse peoples. I’ve asked Matt to help out with Ejector Seat festival and he’s given me the oppotunity to read but I don’t think I have the confidence for that yet. I addmitedly, do not spend very much time on my writing and I certainly don’t think it’s good enough for an actual stage. I’d feel like an imposter if I performed along side far more talented poets – again, this is something that I do, I compare myself to others when I should get the confidence behind my own developing skills. Sigh. One day… haha. :] In the meantime, I’m still writing for Artful Scribe, and we’re looking for your imput. Visit our website and let us know any recommendatory poets or work that has inspired you recently. Or, just get in contact to say hi, we like that :]

Today will be spent watching Deathly Hallows part I and II because what’s better than that?

Yay, Potter! :]


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