I’ve been busy…

I’ve been busy lately. Or not ALL the time busy, but just enough to keep the excuse of not writing a blog entry up.

Sorry about that.

I’ve not finished my Disney blogs either, yet another project I haven’t finished or given little thought to. I’m not even sure as to what to write now, I’m just writing to see what happens. I’ve written up my weekly blog for Artful Scribe. After reading ‘The Death of Jack Hughes’ I feel more inspired and yet somehow more negative about writing poetry. Don’t misunderstand, his poems are brilliant, but why is that I can’t find the words to say that he has already said for me? There are things that I want to write about, but then I hear someone else writing it and it’s … exactly what I wanted to write, expressed in the just way.

I’m having a quiet day, sat quietly thinking about writing. THINKING about WRITING. Oh dear.. I’m in a rut. A creative rut. A crut.

I might go back to bed for the day.


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