I’ve been doing some writing for a local poetry organisation called ArtfulScribe – check out our blog and get involved!

Keeping busy this week, ArtfulScribe returned to the airwaves once again on 103.9 Voice FM to keep you posted with the latest news on poetry events and performances in and around Hampshire from our weekly show, Poets’ Corner.

This week’s guest, Angela Chicken, joined Matt in the studio to discuss her engagement with poetry in Southampton. As well as performing at Apples and Snakes 451 event at the Nuffield Theatre, Angela also took part in this year’s cultural Olympiad with the poetic ensemble Alphapoetica in March 2012. One of four poets collaborating with concert pianist Ricardo Serrano, Angela revealed how this collaboration was a big source of encouragement and added a sense of play to both writing and performing.

(Angela performing with Matt West, Ben Lawrence and Sean Douglas at the Civic Centre Art Gallery, Southampton.)

Angela began writing after an operation left her temporarily incapacitated and, encouraged by a…

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