The Magic Kingdom – My Adventures to Disney World

So today I shall begin with a blazen picture of Cinderella’s castle; the monument of Disney and the singularly most beautiful castle I’ve ever seen. And I went to Hogwarts.


The Magic Kingdom is what everyone thinks of when they think of Disney. It’s on the Disney logo, films, etc. That Castle represents the imagination of every single person who has ever watched a Disney film and wished they were part of it. That for me is Peter Pan, there’ll always be a small part of me that believes in Neverland still.

As some of you are aware, I am a highly sentimental person, I treasure the small things and the firsts and lasts of life. Nothing could prepare me for the first time I set foot on Disney’s main street, looked down the row and saw the castle. Well, I cried, as you can probably guess! I’d finally made it to Disney, my childhood dream had come true and everywhere it was plastered. Nothing was more amazing for me than the site of the Magic Kingdom. It’s once in a lifetime. Maybe not like swimming with Sharks or washing elephants in Asia, but for me, that was the moment when something changed; became fulfilled and I felt truly stunned and ludicrously happy.

So for the next FOURTEEN HOURS Lora and I and her family explored the Magic Kingdom. There are three different ‘lands’ to go to, using the castle as a central point. To the the back of the castle is Fantasy Land where we went first. To get to Fantasy Land through the castle, you walk under the gates and through. On the walls either side as you walk is the story of Cinderella in mosaics.


Walking out around the back of the castle, you can immediately see a fenced off area under construction. If you stand on tip toes (I’m 5’5, so any shorter and you might not be able to see it!) you can see the Western tower of Beast’s castle! I HAVE TO GO BACK. Apparently, new attractions from Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid and Snow White will be opening at the end of this year so if you’re going, let me know what it’s like?!

So anyway, after the brief distraction we went on various rides, Peter Pan, It’s A Small World, which was terrifying. A gentle boat ride that goes on for what seems eternity, passing all these little puppets from around the world, singing over and over again ‘It’s a small world after all!’. That’s not CUTE, it’s soul sucking. I know Lora loves it though (sorry dude!). The Winnie-the-Pooh ride was surprisingly good, with some great visual effects. Great for both adults and kids, if you’re into that kind of thing.

I feel I should add a point in here about the 3D Disney experience, We went to a 3D showing of Mickey’s Orchestra in which Donald steals Mickey’s fantasia hat and runs riot around various scenes from films like Aladdin, Peter Pan and Fantasia. I am not really a fan of 3D; all the films I’ve seen in it have been like watching a film through tinted glasses. (Poetic irony there) But this show was outstanding, the 3D quality was the best I’ve ever seen and if more films and indeed cinemas had this kind of technology, I’d go see everything in 3D. If you’re at the Magic Kingdom, not hesitate about it; go and see for yourself.

Next on our adventure was, quite appropriately, was Adventure Land!


Home to The Swiss Family Treehouse, which I didn’t manage to see unfortunately =[. Adventure land also hosts a Aladdin magic carpet ride, a room with bizarre singing birds (literally, no idea) and Pirates of the Carribeann, again a ride I didn’t manage to get on.

Here I also saw, Jasmine and Aladdin, Eric and Arial AND AND AND PETER PAN.

Here he is, sitting with some random girl (she’s got glasses so it could totally be me…). I managed to take a photo as we walked past to get to the Crystal Palace restaurant for lunch.

Lunch was a buffet, that I couldn’t actually eat a lot of thanks to my excellent and partially self-induced restrictive diet. BUT it was lightened somewhat by the fact that it was with WINNIE-THE-POOH! (Here he is with Poppy)

After a multi-course lunch, we headed back out for more Adventuring, this time ending up in Tomorrowland











Tomorrowland was probably my favourite part of the Magic Kingdom, home to Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear and some odd Lilo and Stitch experience. Our first port of call was of course, Space Mountain, probably Disney’s most famous ‘big’ ride. We got fastpasses for this so if you’re going, I would suggest the same. The queues reach to about two hours year and a fastpass means you can go off and do something else before practically walking onto the ride.

I suspect I would have loved Space Mountain; had I been allowed to keep my glasses on. I, being blinder than Robin Hood’s beggar disguise, had to keep them in my pocket during the ride so I missed the detail of all the galaxies. The ride itself was quite thrilling though and I regret not getting a chance to go on again with contact lenses in. =[

To explain this Lilo and Stitch ride is to say basically, they shut you into the room in the dark and it’s all rather unpleasant. I’m also scared of the dark so it didn’t particularly help. :S

After dancing along with the Chipmunks to various music at the Tomorrowland Stage, we headed back towards the castle, where we then split off and did our own thing. Lora and I went back to Adventureland to have a closer look and had an iced tea in pirate town. (I am now addicted to iced tea, thanks Lora!)

As the evening drew in, we walked back up towards Main Street to find a place for the Electric Light Parade. Unfortunately, by the time we found everyone else we didn’t get a very good viewing spot. If you’re thinking of going to see the Parades at Disneyland, you will have to make sure you’re then in plenty of time as people will start marking out their spot about an hour before. So watch out!

From what I could see (apologies for the following images that are far away and blurry) the parade was beautiful, with some great music and general atmosphere. I will leave you with the pictures rather than narrating all of them individually. Hopefully you will be able to tell what’s what!

So yeah, just a few photos of the Parade to finish off my post on the Magic Kingdom. I’ll be re-visiting here briefly, to share photos from the Parade on our last day.

Today, travel is easy, it’s accessible. Friends and family are going all over the world to see things that only two centuries ago we were only just starting to see on the Horizon. There are some amazing things in the world that are worth the time and the money. I’m not really a traveler, I’ve never really been anywhere or seen anything. But Disney World is definitely worth it; if you can let your inner child reign that is! Disney will infect you with fairy dust and make you fly. There are many wonders of the world, but so few that remind you of what it was like to have an imagination as big as the sky.

Thanks for reading! :]

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