I’ve been very…

I’ve been very out of touch with writing recently. I don’t know why. Probably because I’ve been on holiday and doing uni work and things on top of that. Or it could be because I’m addicted to cannabis. 

In any event I should try to keep more of active account of life rather than sporadic updates out of context so that is what I will do. I will aim to write an entry everyday for the next week. 

Firstly, today has been productive and only a tad dull. I did finish my Constantine essay which made me feel highly accomplished as I strolled out of Hartley Library this afternoon into the heavy splotches of rain. I’ve been writing about why Constantine (the emperor, not John Constantine) was not a Christian. I almost felt like God was clearly smiting me for writing such anti-Christian things! But no, it’s okay, we’re good. In any event, I managed to write at least 1,820 words about the political genius of the emperor who as Zosimus said in 500AD, ‘was to end the golden age of the empire’. 

But anyway, Disney World.

Yes yes, I had all these ideas to write about my holiday when I came back. I was even going to start whilst I was out there because to write a truly detailed account I would be sat here for probably a week. But, as my first big holiday I am overly conscious about being an annoying tourists who then delivers an eternity of photographed scenery and unknown people captured picking their nose in the background. So in aid of this, I will give you a brief sum-up of my holiday. 


I think that says it all really. To come though, I will be rating the rides at Disney World, Seaworld and Universal Studios with brief reviews so I’ll elaborate more then. 

P.S: If you really want to look through my photos from Florida, go here.

Toodles :] 


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