Wild Negotiation

Was sat around at Ivo’s with him and Luke, wrote this after Luke remarked that ‘eloquent’ sounds like ‘elephant’ which them led onto the discovery of ‘Eloquent, the elegant Elephant’ – so I decided to write a poem. I’ve forgotten all the deep meaningful undertones but take what you will from this. 



Hi, I’m Eloquent, the elegant elephant
I sometimes reside by the watering hole.
I find though that times can be digressive 
And the company rather aggressive. 

Just this morning, whilst I bathed in the sun,
By the spit of water hazed in hot rays,
A monkey addressed another on his 
Apparent lack of leadership.
The other, larger in size replied
With a hard crack on the ground 
And a loud shout in protest. 

As a diplomat in manner and 
Larger in size than both trouble makers
I presumed to intrude, not to be rude
I chimed, but would you mind taking 
Your disagreement to another patch?
The monkey started and raised on its legs
But, as large as I was, he made only to snatch. 
The monkey shrunk back and hooted a little
Backed up, ushering his gang on and was gone.

The lion, grazing in the grass lazily 
Raised his kingly mane, tongue loosed,
Eyes drooped, looking directly at me. 
He regarded me lightly, I politely
Stayed where I was. 
He lifted his chin then, a recognition 
Received and he dropped back 
Into the grass to dream. 

The day was growing hotter,
So I left to retire to the retreat of the trees.
The water kept free of barbarity.
With rolling shoulders, I sauntered away.


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