Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon (2011)

So, to do a well written review on this, I feel that I must get technical with things like computerisation, effects and the likes. But, I don’t actually know anything about that so I will just go on with a more colloquial tone.

I was, as I’m sure many of the male population were, a little disappointed that Megan Fox was not cast for the third instalment of the Transformers movies. As a character who, if nothing else, added pure sex appeal and the notion that nerdy kids can get hot babes, it was as if she had been brushed over, much like the disappointment of knowing Katy Holmes had been replaced in Batman: The Dark Knight. However, all was not lost. Introducing babe #2! Is she British or American? This is what I spent most of the film wondering as the accent seemed to change so much. (She is actually from Plymouth, I just read. Oh, and she’s a model!) This being her film debut, the modelling experitise certainly seemed to shine more than the acting anyway.

Anyway, I’ll stop slating the sex appeal now and move onto the plot line which I actually quite liked. I enjoyed the third instalment much more than the second. In fact, whilst watching it I started to grow confused as to why they even bothered making Revenge of the Fallen in the first place. It seems now to be more of an interim movie that could have been segregated between the first and third, no? But then entertainment is less practical. So, yes! I enjoyed the introduction, the interpretation of the moon landing and the dodgy look-a-likes of JFK and Nixon.. Even the vintage finish they did on the recently filmed cuts added to a sense of nostalgia. As someone who was not alive at the time of the moon landing, I felt akin emotions to the recreation of the media hype in the film. But, I won’t go into moon conspiracy, it’s boring and  demonstrates the ill-faith of mankind in the contemporary. Ahem.

I will take an opportunity here to commend the film on the voicing acting. Sentinel Prime enriched by Leonard Nimoy seemed to lift the characterisation of the mechanic lifeform into a noble soul who having lost his way, turned to sadness and despair.

Although this film is not as warmly recognised, if not hated by fans of movies and of Transformers in general, the plotline was recycled and left me wondering just how many more things they could bury on the Earth. However, this film was more engaging that ‘Fallen’ – there were more twists and turns and tight corners than ‘Fallen’ represented. The application of ‘bigger and better’ would have been more receptive there than on trying to make a third film. But then, my opinion will stand that Dark Side of the Moon should have been the sequel to Transformers, rather than ‘Fallen’ which could have been compacted into the first half an hour of a better film.

All in all, though there are loose ends and bad plot holes, The Dark Side of the Moon will remain better than Revenge of the Fallen in my eyes. Agree or disagree, that’s the beauty of opinion.


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