A game.. of how attractive Jude Law is as Watson.

Last night I finally got round to heading to the cinema to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Without ruining the following contents I must first off say that I’m glad I went. I spent half my television and internet life watching trailers for new films and getting excited about their release. But actually, I never go to the cinema. I always wait for things to come on TV or DVD so that I can enjoy them from the comfort of my own bed. With a large bowl of popcorn. and chocolate. and tea. But for once, I managed to get there, in time, hurray! Although I filled up on fish n’ chips so denied the box of popcorn. However, after realising that we might’ve been sat slightly too far to the left to see the screen from a full-on-or-close-enough angle, a, and i won’t say old, but a lady who was older than myself sat down beside me. I think she might’ve been mentally ill because she kept yelling things like ‘watch out!’ and ‘be careful!’ at the screen. I was tempted to tap her shoulder and politely remind her that we were watching a recording and thus THEY CANNOT HEAR YOUR CRIES OF WARNING.

But I didn’t.

Anyway, now that I’ve set the scene I can properly recapture the emotions stirred whilst watching. I had a lot of mixed reactions from friends. Some that said it was not as good as the first and others that said it was way better. I would have to agree with the latter. Though I understand the sentimental value of the first which was a truly brilliant piece of reinvention, I felt the second had more action, more insight into the characters, especially Holmes himself.  Mycroft was delightful; Stephen Fry seems to capture the essence of the Victorian supreme with an airy elegance seemingly effortless.

I won’t go into depth about the significance of the directing and producing other than to say that it was visonary and original. The reinvention of Victorian legends and monsters has been somewhat of a bee in my bonnet since the release of Van Helsing. /Sudder. But Guy Richie seems to create a sense of realism of the Victorian period, as well as that of his spruced up characters. Holmes and Watson share a new, invigorated dynamic that allows their relationship (sorry, partnership) to be related and loved by audiences. This could only work well with Jude Law and Robert Downy Jnr as clearly good friends outside of the film.

The first Holmes film (2009) in hindsight of Game of Shadows seems only to be setting up the story and rivalry of Holmes and Moriarty – though I was saddened to see the loss of Irene Adler, who was once against used for the token romantic interest for Holmes. It was nice to see the newly appointed Mrs Watson prove worthy of the sex by aiding Watson in throwing a soldier from a moving train and once again, the delightful Britishness endeared my heart as always.

Do I think there will be another film to follow? Who knows. Holmes’ addition to Watson’s tribute (‘The End?’) can only be an audience interpretation and perhaps even an early marketing tactic for a film already in the pipework. All in all, I recommend this film for a watch with upmost attention. So much tension, action, comedy and excitement – it really is a well rounded adventure for anyone who appreciates the articulation of brilliance.

I suppose to tie in with the title of the piece, Jude Law was tremendously attractive, as usual. And yes, my cousin and I came out with more notable pronunciation and use of the vocab’ influenced by university.



2 thoughts on “A game.. of how attractive Jude Law is as Watson.

  1. If you haven’t yet, see the BBC series Sherlock (instantly streaming on Netflix now) it is far better than these films.

    Good blog!., hope to see more from you in the future!

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