About Me

My name is Jenn and I am a poet, writer, musician and publisher at Burning Eye Books. I am Amelia in the anarcho-folk acoustic duo Violet Scott & Amelia Bones. I have performed poetry all over the country and at festivals such as Boomtown and Green Gathering.  My first book of poems Better Watch Your Mouth will be available from April 2017. I also put on the odd DIY show in Bristol under CookieCut.

This blog is a place for my opinions and to share my work. You can find videos, podcast interviews and audio recordings here on my blog as well as random posts about pop culture, DIY and anarcho politics and two blog series’ Eczema Diaries and Crapbook.


Last year I started recording progress and getting some confidence and control back with some really nasty eczema that appeared on my face and neck. I developed what the doctor diagnosed as sebborheic dermatitis in 2015 first under my eyes and then across the left side of my face, over the course of six months it spread across the rest of my face, my arms and my neck. I think a major factor was stress and unresolved issues in my life but since the new year I have been trying to document changes and diet habits, etc. I’ve been recording my skin progress for about a year now, I’m still looking for an affective answer that doesn’t involve harmful creams.


Crapbooks are a collection of things I like over the course of a week or so, TV shows, music, zines, articles online, etc. It curbs my pop culture addiction.

Everything written here is my own opinions, life choices and experiences. I do not preach or try to tell anyone how to live their lives, all we can ever do is share our stories and help each other out.

Thanks for coming by.

If you would like to contact me, please email jennhartyeah@gmail.com

Follow me on social media @jennhartyeah (Snapchat/Twitter/Instagram)



One thought on “About Me

  1. Hey – just messaging to make you aware of my competition, I really value everyone who decided to follow my blog (there may be one or two I fear who just spilt coffee on themselves and accidentally clicked the button.. but I’m still taking it as a win). I need help deciding which poems to perform in the next month or two and I’d really value your opinion.

    Stay Well – Mart

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