I am a freelance writer and poet with emphasis on the radical and DIY. I am an editor and project manager at Burning Eye Books, a small press who specialise in moving spoken word to the page. I am Amelia in the anarcho-folk acoustic duo Violet Scott & Amelia Bones and my first book of poems Better Watch Your Mouth is available here. You can also find out more about my poetry here.

This blog is a place for my opinions and to share my work. You can find videos, podcast interviews and audio recordings here on my blog as well as random posts about pop culture, DIY and anarcho politics and two blog series’ Eczema Diaries and Crapbook.


I have just been diagnosed with severe atopic eczema but have suffered with the condition for the past three years. It originally started around my eyelids and spread down the right side of my face. I got a tropical steroid cream from the Doctor which only made it spread across my face once I stopped using it. Now it is all over my face, neck, hands and inner elbows. I record my progress with foods, supplements and natural remedies in the Eczema Diaries because I wish to avoid using harmful chemicals on my skin, especially my face. I update about once or twice a month.


Crapbooks are a collection of things I like over the course of a week or so, TV shows, music, zines, articles online, etc. It curbs my pop culture addiction.

contact: jennhartyeah@gmail.com

handle: @jennhartyeah




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